Archivos mensuales: abril 2015


Miércoles 29 de abril, 14:30-16:40, Instituto de Matemáticas, UV

Expositor: Yuri Bilu (U. Bordeaux)

Título: Complex Multiplication and Special Points on Curves

In the first part of the talk, which is addressed to a more general audience, I will give a very concise introduction to the notion of Complex Multiplication. In particular, I will discuss the famous Class Number One problem.

In the second part I will speak on the recent joint work with Bill Allombert, Florian Luca, David Masser and Amalia Pizarro-Madariaga about the special points on the simplest algebraic curves. Call a point “special” if its coordinates are j-invariants of lattices with complex multiplication. I will state the general theorem of Yves André about finiteness of the number of such point of a “general” algebraic curve. Next, I will show that one can say much more in the case of  the “simple” curves, like straight lines and hyperbolas.