Miércoles 11 de Marzo, 14:30-16:40, sala 2-3, IMA de la PUCV

Expositora: Marusia Rebolledo (U. Blaise Pascal 2)

Título: Modular curves associated to non split Cartan subgroups and their normalizer

Resumen: I will present a recent work in collaboration  with Christian Wuthrich where we give a new description of non-split cartan modular curves as moduli spaces, namely classifying elliptic curves endowed with a level structure that we call a necklace. I will show how this description allows to recover some classical results (on elliptic points, degenerate maps, Hecke operators etc) as well as it gives a more explicit and  geometric vision of a theorem of Chen.  In a first part of this talk, I will recall some notions about elliptic curves, and  classical modular curves.


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